Wall System & Acoustic

Office partition uses metal frame such as aluminum alloy, glass and decorative plate instead of the traditional walls and lights steel keel. It has the advantage of good transmittance and decoratively, small usage of space, easy handling, reusability, low-carbon and environmental protection, and so on.

Acoustical wall panels have become the ideal way to ensure that issues you may have with noise problems are solved. This sound proofing solution is affordable, effective and excellent at absorbing all noise before it becomes an issue. Whether you need to sound proof your recording studios, or your home theater, the panels are the perfect solution

Our wall system is the trend of modern office decoration. And it is widely used in mid/high class office building and public. As an international brand of office space system, our wall system and acoustic are dedicated to create a comfortable and practical work and living space for global users.

  • Transforming normal wall to high-tech & modern walls
  • Recyclable and sustainable materials and products.

  • Single Glass Wall - Crystal (cl-100)
  • Double Glass Wall - Europe (eu-100)
  • Glass Door
  • Acoustic Panel
Products Description
Europe (eu-100) Standard Partition (Double Glass)



  • good alignment function to solve the prob - lem of office space for cabling systems
  • triple glass custom made according to noise-proof requirements
  • adapt to glass and decorative plates of va - riety of sizes


  • width of the single partition: 1200mm is recommended
  • height of the partition: up to 4000mm-aluminum alloy; up to 6000mm-steel alu minum
  • thickness of the partition: 100mm
  • deviation of the size: ± 10mm adjustable
  • height of the down skirting: 44mm, 100mm


  • glass panel: thickness: 5mm (optional 6mm, 8mm)
  • other panels: wooden veneer, fire-proof board, melamine board, hpl board, alumi - num board, painted board
  • built-in blinds: manual, electric blinds (width): 16mm, 25mm

The stylish and fashionable European design meets diverse requirements of modern office, fireproof F90, applied to manager room and corridor.

office Partition design (Glass)
office Standard Partition design (Double Glass)
Crystal (cl-100) Transparent Partition (Single Glass)

All transparent glass, big and bright, relaxing and inspiring.



  • transparent tapes are used between glass modules instead of the traditional alumi num pillar, and the overall looks more in tegrated and light. single glass or double glass, cost effective


  • vertical width of the single partition: around 1200mm height of the partition: up to 3000mm thickness of the transparent partition: 100 mm deviation of the size: ± 1 Omm adjustable height of the down skirting: 44mm


  • glass panel: thickness: lOmm
Inner Door System


  • single tempered glass, simple and light


  • door thickness: 10 mm, 12mm


  • fire-proof board
  • melamine board
  • hpl board
  • glass
  • wooden veneer

note: can choose from acid etched glass and transparent glass


Acoustic Panel


Long reverberation times in rooms are generally seen as annoying and unpleasant. Discussions suffer as a result and noise in work spaces has a negative effect on concentration and perfor-mance.

Such situations can be optimised through the use of acoustic elements. For this purpose, AOS has designed wall absorbers, cupboard back panels, ceiling absorbers, acoustic cubes and acoustic cylinders. These elements are highly sound absorbent. AOS sound absorbers achieve outstanding results in the most important frequen-cy ranges for the human ear. Installation of these acoustic elements is extremely easy and simple.

In addition to the functional benefits, the surfaces can be ideally integrated into spaces as design elements. If requested, the planking material surfaces can be printed with motifs, graphics or a corporate design. Functional acoustic elements are thus transformed into an elegant and original interior decoration.

Wall absorbers can also be fitted with computer and TV equipment.